I’m an Apple-certified tech integrator, and many of my implementations center on Apple products because of their reliability and ease of use. I provide a very highly qualified and personalized “Mac genius” support experience to a handful of international clients. I am often called on for needs assessment and pre-purchase advice, infrastructure design and systems engineering, onsite training, and ongoing maintenance.

I’m a certified integrator for Axis Communications, a world leader in network video. I design discrete, Apple-friendly and intelligent control and access systems for residences and small businesses.

I am WP Elevation-certified in WordPress and help businesses engage marketplaces with highly functional and attractive websites. I enjoy working closely with creatives and collaborate to organize content and build platforms and momentum for extending their reach.

In addition to the specialized technical certifications I maintain, I’m an art major, a generalist, and a skilled listener.

Services are also offered in German and Spanish languages.

Convenient Integration setzt auf langfristige Kundenbeziehungen und bietet Euch eine umfassende Palette von Dienstleistungen rund um Apple Produkte: beraten, schulen, installieren, integrieren, pflegen, administrieren, überwachen, und mehr.

Convenient Integration es una empresa dedicada a dar soporte, servicio y formación tanto de hardware, como de software, sistema operativo, e integración. Ofrecemos nuestros servicios en el entorno Mac con técnicos cualificados y certificados directamente por Apple con más de veinte años de experiencia.

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