Client Feedback

What a remarkable service you’ve been, saving those thousands of files from machines we had given up as lost…thank you!  We’re deeply impressed by your skills and your creative solutions to the many problems that arose, and with your clear Executive Summary when the job was done. From our experience with Convenient Integration, we’ll recommend you and your company in the highest possible terms.  Thank you!   –Richard Bach, author

Chris’s knack for technology has benefitted me for many years.  He oversaw my security system installation and integrated it to meet multiple goals.  He’s my trusted go-to source for all things technical and I continue to rely on him for our “Mac Genius” questions but also for comprehensive technical assessment and advice.  -Cindy Hudson, Blank Generation LLC
Chris guided me through a flawless PC to Mac conversion.  Chris carefully listened to my concerns, reviewed them for clarity, and implemented a complete solution.  His refreshing approach is relaxed and a relief from tech-y jargon. He truly cares about making my life easier, and now I have more time.  -Ivan Kral, Bohemia Music


I was a complete novice twelve years ago. I had never touched a keyboard nor did I type. Chris set up an entire system for me from backup to printing and patiently helped teach me so that even I could manage it. Chris has also been there throughout the years to assist me whenever issues with technical matters arise. I cannot recommend Chris highly enough.  –Catherine, digital mixed media artist


Chris helped me move over from Windows to Mac, getting me up to speed with iTunes and iPod on the Mac and so on.  On more than one occasion I have been “dead in the water” and he’s been able to figure out what’s wrong and solve computer issues over the phone– and he’s got me going again.  He’s helped me with Google Mail, helped me straighten out some DirecTV reception headaches, set up Bluetooth syncing between my phone and my truck nav system, etc. Chris is an all around tech genius and I’m glad!  -Jess Davis, site manager


It worked of course!  Just as you said, the photo files were found.  THANK YOU!  I am feeling GREAT!  I have to tell you, this is a major step to getting things accomplished without having to wait for my son to get home from school!  You are the ONLY person who has ever spoken to me in computer language I understand. It’s really a talent.  Have you ever considered teaching a course?  Thanks, Chris, you are the best!  -Pamela Sue Martin, actress and writer


Chris at Convenient Integration has been my go-to IT problem solver since I owned my first computer.  I am a writer and my computer needs aren’t terribly sophisticated but even so problems do occur, and when they do I look for a prompt solution since time is the greatest gift one can ever receive.  Convenient Integration has saved me from worries and the stress of losing enormous amounts of work– even when I’m the one who made a user error!  My iMac hard drive failed and Chris was able to restore all of my work and operating environment.  One day he learned the universal remote control for my home theater wasn’t working properly, he reprogrammed and fixed that too!  He is always courteous and willing to do what it takes to meet my needs.  I can ask some pretty basic questions and he fields them all with patience.  He is a good listener.  Convenient Integration is a greatly helpful resource and I cannot recommend the “tech wrangling” service highly enough. -GJB, writer


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